About JIEM JIEM has the following three missions.

JIEM carries out research and development concerning accurate educational measurement technology (testing) in the field of education. By disseminating and distributing the outcomes—accurate testing methods—we are contributing to effective education as well as to the development of individual ability.

The three goals of JIEM

Pursuing Objectivity

We develop techniques for objective measurement of individual ability based on the latest test theory, in order to surmount the problems of sample dependent and test dependent.

Pursuing Reliability and

We develop techniques for achieving reliability, so that if the same person takes the same test several times, the result will always be the same, as well as relevancy, where the test itself correctly measures the ability it seeks to assess.

Pursuing Authenticity

We develop highly authentic tests suited to real situations using the expressive ability of computers such as video, images and sound.

JIEM true / false

JIEM is an English testing company
JIEM conducts simple testing using 
computers and the Internet
JIEM is a company that carries out 
JIEM conducts business in Japan
JIEM is an educational measurement technology company that prepares, carries out and analyzes tests.
JIEM pursues accuracy and efficiency using computers and the Internet
JIEM is a company that drives the development of tests
JIEM offers educational measurement technology worldwide

Fact sheet

Cumulative total of CASEC examinees
About 2,090,000 people (*As of March 2018)
Total number of examinees in tests contracted to JIEM
About 17 million people (*As of September 2018)
About 80
Worldwide offices
7locations (Under the Edulab, Inc. Group) *USA (Bellevue), China (Hong Kong, Beijing,
 Shanghai), Singapore, India (Pune, Bangalore)